7 tips to decorate your spaces with gray furniture

Although often considered a cool color, gray is a symbol of sophistication. These tips will be infallible to join the trend.

On many occasions, gray is considered a cold and muted color, however, decorating your spaces with this tonality can add a touch of balance and sophistication.

Thanks to the rise of decorative styles such as the Nordic, the gray tones have become a trend since it is considered a neutral color that can be combined with a wide variety of colors.

Choose the right shade

One of the tips to decorate your spaces with gray tones is to choose the right tone, depending on what you want to project. In general, deep shades of gray tend to reflect sophistication and maturity, so they are ideal if you want to add a touch of glamor.

Walls in gray tones

Another tip to decorate your spaces with gray tones is to use them to paint the walls, for example, in the living room, since these tones usually work as a base to add more intense color accents.

It is advisable to paint all the walls with a light gray tone, or else, a single wall in a dark gray tone to be the protagonist. In both cases, you can decorate with furniture in lighter gray tones, adding certain touches of other colors such as beige, blue, pink, or light green, to give life to the space.

Nordic style

The gray tones are typical of the Nordic style, so it is one of the keys to decorating your spaces with these colors.

The characteristics of this style are simplicity, cleanliness, wooden details, and good lighting. To achieve this, you can incorporate gray tones in prominent furniture such as sofas or armchairs, or add small gray details with decorative elements.

Gray-toned floors

The gray shades not only work on walls or furniture, so they can also be part of the decoration on the floor. Being a versatile and easy to combine color, the gray floor helps to highlight the rest of the decoration.

Either with one color or by combining different shades of gray, you can add a touch of sophistication and minimalism to your spaces with materials such as micro cement, ceramic, or marble.

Industrial chic touch

The gray tones are usually associated with steel and lead, so one of the tips to decorate your space with this color is to add a touch of Industrial chic, for example, in the kitchen, the living room, or study.

To do this, you can use shades such as stone gray or charcoal as the base, which give a sophisticated and modern touch, especially if they combine a classic decoration in neutral colors, silver or black.

And to add the industrial touch, you can incorporate metallic effects with steel or cement, in addition to using shades of gray such as slate, to generate a feeling of cleanliness and minimalism.

Incorporate dark woods

Another tip to decorate your spaces with gray tones is to incorporate dark wood details in the decoration since it is one of the ways for this color to look current and energizing.

The details or wooden furniture in shades such as black, coffee, or dark gray help to give a touch of elegance, minimalism, and sophistication to any space, without leaving warmth aside.

Romantic accents

Finally, another tip to decorate your spaces with gray tones is to add romantic accents with prints and textiles, to give a touch of delicacy and warmth. To achieve this, accents of pink, white or light gray can be added.

Flower prints on curtains and cushions are one of the applications to add romantic accents, although it is also possible to do it with wallpaper on the wall and carpets.