The beginnings of a minimalist existence.

We all have too much stuff. Be it clothes or discarded furniture from a fast flat pack provider the world is not filling up with stuff that we have used and no longer want. Whilst it is possible to sell and recycle some of this, many of us are eschewing the age of items in favour of the new trend of minimalism. Simply put this is ensuring that your home is kept to a bare minimum of items that you need and not getting in lots of things that require huge amounts of storage. To start with a call to a Swansea Skip Hire firm like Pendragon Skip Hire is one of the best things that you can do to get the ball rolling.

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To be a minimalist one must be ruthless. Not for you the bookcases and the display cabinets. Simply tables, chairs and some form of entertainment system is all that you should have in display. There should also be no ornamentation lying round and the floral curtain pattern is right out.

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Don’t be tempted to fill up the garage with your stuff and what for the minimalist “phase” to pass. This is a commitment to a lifestyle that will save you pounds and prop up your bank balance. All experts in the field agree that the first thing you should do is get to grips with the garage and clear that out first and foremost.


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