How To Choose Curtains In The Bedroom?

The bedroom is the most intimate place in the house, where after a hard day we try to forget about everything and enjoy a cozy, comfortable and so long-awaited rest. That is why in this room nothing should darken the mood or, which is generally unacceptable, annoying – from curtains on the window and ending with the door handle. If the choice of the door handle depends solely on the preferences of the owner of the bedroom, then in relation to curtains, the situation is much more serious. How to choose curtains in the bedroom? Do I need to know any special nuances and subtleties to find the perfect option?

Apartment with Scandinavian style and industrial touches in Poland

I love discovering spectacular houses in different corners of the world. Today we go to Gdansk, a city in Poland, where we will go an apartment with Scandinavian style 72 square meters and three bedrooms, a living room and kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. Her owner is a woman passionate about traveling who had her priorities clear when it comes to the interior design of her home: she wanted it to be modest and without unnecessary luxuries.