Ideas for decorating the bathroom with minimalist style

The bathrooms are these rooms in the house that sometimes left a little forgotten in terms of decoration is concerned. Being small or whatever reason, we give them the importance they may have. And they have it ! We know that several decorative styles that we can apply in the bathroom, but today we focus on the minimalist style, elegant and sober way to put this stay. But always with personality. For some inspiration we leave you with several ideas. Do you dare to give a return to your bathroom to have a different air?

Flooring Trends That Bring Style and Function to Any Space

In the world of flooring, technology is advancing and lots of things are changing. Hardwood floors are getting cheaper, and laminate has become a luxurious option.


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Here are four popular and modern flooring trends that will bring style and beauty to your home.


Bamboo has always been a popular flooring option. Although it is technically a fast growing grass, it is actually just as hard as most wood flooring options on the market. It is often cheaper than wood, but you can now buy planks of bamboo rather than strand woven bamboo. This creates a completely different look that is well suited to bedrooms and living rooms.

Large-Format Tile

In recent years, tiles have started getting bigger and bigger. While most tiles used to be 12″ x 12″, they are now closer to 36″ x 36″! This creates a stunning, modern look – and it makes them much easier to clean, as there is less grout. According to Inside Effects, large tiles can also make the room look more spacious. Too many grout lines can make a room appear smaller, but this isn’t a problem with large-format tiles.

However, it is important to hire a professional to install the tiles. It is easy to lay them unevenly, or have large patches of grouting due to bad placement.


Laminate flooring remains one of the most popular flooring options. This is because it is cheap, easy to fix – and now it is stunning. In the past, laminate may not have looked amazing, but now you have buy luxury laminate that looks like hardwood or stone flags. Laminate is also extremely versatile and it can go in any room in your house, although it is best suited to rooms with moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

If you want to use laminate in your home, you won’t struggle for choice. You can find lots of different colours and styles at various online stores, such as

Reclaimed Wood

Technology has advanced, and now homeowners can have classic, expensive-looking designs for much less money. One example of this is reclaimed wood; the floor is made with cheap plywood planks that are covered with a thin layer of stunning hardwood. Your floors will look like they cost a fortune, and no-one will know that they are mostly plywood!

Ideas for decorating mini houses

The concept of mini houses are mostly seen in the United States, where many families choose to live in households of only 30 square meters, in flat form and, above all, in separate dwellings. Surely you’ve seen those TV shows dedicated to the mini houses! If you’re as big a fan as I of this type of tiny homes the Ideas to decorate you find then you will be interested. Also if your apartment is small but want to maximize the space available. Take good note!

Christmas cushions

Right now, we are all running with the pressure Halloween cobwebs hanging, getting costumes or tracing the route for travel for sweets. If not, at least organizing something for the big day it is.

So how do you talk about Christmas cushions? As pass this maelstrom of event, it’s time to start thinking about the next festival, almost the largest of the year: Christmas.

We want not run at the last minute, so I talked over the Christmas cushions so you do not fish just around the corner the rush of 25, exactly two months! Learn more.

Natural items to decorate your home

A natural atmosphere at home is always nice. It is a way that the spaces are comfortable and transmit the serenity that natural elements provide anywhere where we place. It is what we do in our home and for that we bring you some ideas, designed to bring inspiration to create a natural, authentic and without artifice decoration. Yet what we tell you and then you will be able to get.

5 Keys to mount a Halloween Candy bar

Although still three weeks to start November, if you are someone who you like to ride a big party to celebrate Halloween, it’s time to start preparing everything. After all, assemble a party that does not lack detail involved time to think it, design it, buy decorative items, food …

To help, today we bring you 5 key to mount a candy bar that fear with leave your guests in the scariest night of the year you are motivated to prepare a candy bar death?

Tiles with geometric decoration: Ideas that inspire!

If you like the geometry you’ve proven that to me too … Several DIY I have taught you lately, like that to make your own geometric lamp or a decorative shelves, but today I want to focus on the tiles that you can introduce into your home to get designing spaces with lots of personality. We will see everything below. Do you dare with geometric decoration? The results can be amazing.

Style tiles

The pottery has evolved over the years, both technically and aesthetically. So you can now find tiles that have nothing to do with lining the walls and floors of the houses in as many years. Of course, if you want to give a retro or vintage feel you can do so by using designs that resemble what was placed in the seventies and eighties, but with materials, shapes and creations completely renovated.

Renovate the house with wallpaper

With the help of wallpaper, in a few steps we managed to give new life to the decor of any corner of the house. Brand new look, to delimit environments, to enhance the decoration or to add a trendy touch to the room. Plenty of reasons to decorate with wallpaper.

A classic decor that is back in fashion and want to recover have compiled the latest tendentious in wallpaper. With the tips, you’ll find in this article, you can easily brand decoration. You sign up?

The acrylic stone love us again this time in these designer sinks

Baths by Clay is a Dutch company specializing in the design and manufacture of furniture for bathrooms that has made its new collection of hand HI-MACS, looking for a durable, sturdy, practical design and, above all, aesthetically pleasing.

Because of this firm belief of timeless design, they know the importance of balance in the environment of the bathroom and attest to their design values must be eternal. With the advantage that its products are custom – made and of high quality.

DIY Geometric Shelves

The craft that we will learn to do today is very decorative and at the same time will help maintain order in every corner where you decide to place it. This is a DIY to create a geometric shelf, in this case have a hexagon and triangle, you can only do one of these forms, or combine both, or make them square … As you like! Here we leave you with guidelines that give us blog and then customize sure you get to create your own decor. We started!

Tricks to gain space in children’s rooms

The shortage of square meters is one of the most typical problems of existing homes. Luckily, there are many tricks you can perform to this lack of space and not too note that our home is a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming despite the size.

One of the rooms that can further noted the lack of square meters room is the child . However, the smallest of the house also need space to play, do homework and rest. Even as the school year has just started, today we give you some tricks to gain space in the children’s bedroom. Would you like to join us?