Ideas to play with the curved lines in your decoration

The curved lines in the decoration have their origin in the Greek and Roman constructions. The minimalism dispenses with them but when you employ the way we see today manage to design some rooms with personality. They are delicate and elegant and you can play with them on ceilings, walls, furniture and decorative accessories. With these ideas you will learn to use them in your interior spaces in many different ways. Do we discover them?

Ideas to decorate your living room this autumn

It seemed that autumn was reluctant to arrive and today we have already gotten up with some rain. Fortunately! Taking advantage of the fact that the sky has darkened and that you want to stay at home, I am going to give you some ideas to decorate your living room in a very autumnal way . They are small changes that you can make to the decoration of the room so that it has that warm and warm touch typical of this season. You’ll see how easy it is!

Ideas for decorating a living room with country style

The country style is one of my favorites to decorate a wedding although it is also very beautiful indoors. Especially if your house is located in the countryside, as this decoration will give you a unique personality that will blend perfectly with the natural outdoor environment. It is cozy and full of details. We already knew some tips to do well, so now we are going to move them to the room in the form of ideas. Do you want to know some cool proposals to use in your home? Go for it!

Decorating ideas in purple

The purple is one of my favorite colors. It can be used in a lot of shades, lighter or darker. It is the color of serenity and spirituality, and is composed of red and blue. If the latter predominates, it will acquire a colder appearance, and if the red one is more present it will be closer to the eggplant or the mauve. In any case, it is a color that looks great in the decoration, especially if we want to give it a relaxing touch with its softer version.

Today we are going to see some ideas to introduce it in the decoration of our house. If it is a cake it will look great in a baby’s room, for example, given its calming effect, and if you want to use its intense version you can use it in the living room or in the kitchen, in full, with small details, alone or Combined with other colors. There are many possibilities!

Fifties style decoration ideas

Each decorative style has its own personality. You can decanter for one or the other for your whole house or for a specific room; what it is to make yours those characteristics that define it.

Today we are going to focus on the fifties style, that decoration that takes us to the United States and with which it is possible to design some very special, original and different environments. You can do it in a big way or through small and significant details. There are options for everything. Here are some ideas for you to try introducing it to your own home.

Ideas to introduce the color red in the decoration

The red is synonymous with passion. In the decoration is a dynamic color, energetic and daring, very vital. That’s why you have to be careful and apply it in details or smaller areas, or combined with whites or cakes that reduce that intensity, arriving to design in this case warm and welcoming environments. If we go through and paint all the walls red, for example, the result can be overwhelming and get a little nervous. So let’s look at some ideas to apply it correctly and get amazing results.

Ideas to decorate with Greenery, the color of the year 2017

During the past year lovers of the decoration let us seduce by the Pink Quartz and the Blue Serenity, the two colors of 2016 according to Pantone. No doubt, the company specialized in the world of color was right with the choice, as these pastels have given much play and have managed to sneak into the homes of millions. Will the same happen with the color of 2017? Well, everything points to yes!

We are referring to Greenery, a bright and refreshing green that brings that necessary calm in this tumultuous political and social environment, as Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone, who also ensures that this color satisfies our growing desire to rejuvenate and Revitalize, and symbolize a new connection with nature. Today we give you some ideas and tips to introduce you to the home. Would you like to join us?

Vintage decor ideas inspired by grandmother homes

A grandmother is always going to recommend the best. Even when we talk about decoration. If you want to give a vintage air to your home takes a good note of what she had in her time in yours. Remember that everything comes back and things that you saw many years ago between the four walls of your house and that you were outdated are now again fashionable. We bring you several ideas that you could rescue from your grandmother’s house and that would certainly give a very special touch to your rooms.

Ideas for decorating with cool colors

The cold colors are those that, in the chromatic circle, go from the purple to the green, and among which is the blue and the turquoise. All of them with different ranges and intensities. They are tones that are associated with feelings of serenity, spaciousness and freshness, so it may be interesting to use them to refresh environments through color and also in those rooms where calm and relaxation are sought, especially when used in their tones Softer.

Today we are going to see some ideas to introduce these cold colors in the decoration of your house. They are interesting for small rooms because they also amplify spaces, and you can use them in many ways. Discover some of them!

Common mistakes when lighting the house

We all make mistakes. And it is good that we do (from time to time), since they say that of the mistakes is learned. We want to learn and why we’ve compiled a summary of the most common mistakes to illuminate the house.

Lighting plays a very important role in decoration: not only is it practical and is capable of transforming the spaces, but also contributes to create the right atmosphere in every room of the house. Take note!

Ideas to decorate your house if you are going to rent it on vacation

It is not the same to decorate a flat that you are going to rent that the house in which you live habitually. If you take idea of renting your home to offer it as holiday accommodation you must take into account a number of things to make the most of the furniture and decoration. Today we give some thoughts to get these guests stay as pleasant as possible … Take note!

Ideas to decorate in black and white

Black and white decoration does not have to be boring. In fact, introducing these two colors will create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere at the same time. This combination allows designing from sophisticated interiors to simpler ones, but always effective. Today we will see several ideas for decorating in black and white. Because many times, as I always like to tell you, less is more.