Provence Style Lamps: Suspended Ceiling, Wall And Table Lamps

Provence style is from France, and it is named after the eponymous region in the south of the country, which is famous for its lavender fields, proximity to the sea, warm and mild sunny climate. An example of authentic Provencal design can be considered as the interior of a rural house, sweet and cozy, but unpretentious, dominated by stone, white plaster, wooden surfaces, textiles, other natural materials, and paints, which seem to be sunburned. The luminaries in Provence style match the interior direction, but their modern and retro-interpretations are so diverse that they deserve the closest attention and thoughtful choice. Lush and modest, elegant and rough, as in the photo below, in a suitable interior, they always look spectacular, cozy and organic.

How to Open a Fish Store: Instructions and Calculation of Investments

Today on the blog of – a fish day, we will consider all the pros and cons of opening a fish store.

This kind of goods is positively estimated by many entrepreneurs, and I know even those who already have one or several outlets with a non-food assortment, are thinking how to open a fish store. high hm home

Ideas to decorate your office with industrial style

Working from home has many satisfactions. If you like decoration we add an extra: to be able to enjoy a personalized work environment to the fullest. That has that air that you love, those details that fall in love with you and that turn your office into that special place where you develop all your creativity and where you can be focused and motivated, in which to be more productive.

Ideas to plan the decoration of your new home

Do you change your home and do not know very well where to start in terms of decoration? It is clear that there are many issues to deal with when we move to a new home, whether buying or renting, and when those issues are already closed comes the most fun and special part: make it yours. Let’s see some ideas that will help you plan the decoration of your new home …

Ideas to play with the curved lines in your decoration

The curved lines in the decoration have their origin in the Greek and Roman constructions. The minimalism dispenses with them but when you employ the way we see today manage to design some rooms with personality. They are delicate and elegant and you can play with them on ceilings, walls, furniture and decorative accessories. With these ideas you will learn to use them in your interior spaces in many different ways. Do we discover them?

Ideas to decorate your living room this autumn

It seemed that autumn was reluctant to arrive and today we have already gotten up with some rain. Fortunately! Taking advantage of the fact that the sky has darkened and that you want to stay at home, I am going to give you some ideas to decorate your living room in a very autumnal way . They are small changes that you can make to the decoration of the room so that it has that warm and warm touch typical of this season. You’ll see how easy it is!

Ideas for decorating a living room with country style

The country style is one of my favorites to decorate a wedding although it is also very beautiful indoors. Especially if your house is located in the countryside, as this decoration will give you a unique personality that will blend perfectly with the natural outdoor environment. It is cozy and full of details. We already knew some tips to do well, so now we are going to move them to the room in the form of ideas. Do you want to know some cool proposals to use in your home? Go for it!

Decorating ideas in purple

The purple is one of my favorite colors. It can be used in a lot of shades, lighter or darker. It is the color of serenity and spirituality, and is composed of red and blue. If the latter predominates, it will acquire a colder appearance, and if the red one is more present it will be closer to the eggplant or the mauve. In any case, it is a color that looks great in the decoration, especially if we want to give it a relaxing touch with its softer version.

Today we are going to see some ideas to introduce it in the decoration of our house. If it is a cake it will look great in a baby’s room, for example, given its calming effect, and if you want to use its intense version you can use it in the living room or in the kitchen, in full, with small details, alone or Combined with other colors. There are many possibilities!