Ideas for Decorating with Glass Bottles

If the other day we discovered you could reuse your plastic bottles to decorate today we are going to see some ideas to decorate with glass bottles. It is a way to recycle those bottles that you no longer use or, if you want, you can also buy them in decoration stores, already designed for it. Choose the option you choose, the result can be great. Below we see several proposals that will help you to dress nice corners of your house.

H & M Indigo Blue Collection Home Spring 2017

Have you updated trends in interior decoration? Then you will know that with the permission of Greenery, the color of the year according to Pantone, the blue will be one of the great protagonists of 2017. And although we can see it in all its versions, predominate the darker ones, which convey a unique sense of elegance. In terms of styles, this year will continue to dominate the Nordic, although there are other types of decoration that also have to be taken into account. It is the case of the rustic style, perfect for houses located in natural spaces, but also to introduce nature in urban flats.

3 crafts made with flowers

Tell him with flowers! It does not matter how Valentine has already passed, love must be celebrated every day and if it is with flowers, much better. Today I am going to teach you three very simple and simple manual of the blog A Pair and a Spare with which you will be able to fill of color and joy your house thanks to the flowers. As you will see, they are very easy to prepare, but always effective. Let’s get down to business!

Boxes with decorative flowers

The first craft that I tell you is to make beautiful decorative boxes with colorful flowers inside. The inspiration came to the author of this blog when she visited Kyoto, where she observed that flowers appeared in almost every corner in boxes. He fell in love with the idea and tried to see how they were left. Do you want to try it too? It’s that easy …

Vintage decor ideas inspired by grandmother homes

A grandmother is always going to recommend the best. Even when we talk about decoration. If you want to give a vintage air to your home takes a good note of what she had in her time in yours. Remember that everything comes back and things that you saw many years ago between the four walls of your house and that you were outdated are now again fashionable. We bring you several ideas that you could rescue from your grandmother’s house and that would certainly give a very special touch to your rooms.

Ideas for decorating the hall at Christmas

We days watching thoughts to create a beautiful Christmas decorations. We know how to do it in the dining room and even in the basement, but one of the most important places is the hall, since it is the first thing visitors see when they come to our house to celebrate Christmas. Today I bring you several proposals to dress the entrance of your home in a special and welcoming. Let it be known that it is Christmas.

Ideas Nordic-style Christmas decorations

Christmas is near and this year may not put your fancy traditional ornaments forever. You would like to create a different decoration for your home? Then perhaps the thoughts that I bring you today you find interesting. This is dress your home with Christmas decorations Nordic style, a different way to welcome this time of year because the colors and used items away a bit from traditional music at this time. You dare?

Ideas for decorating a Christmas garage

Although sometimes it is an area of the house that is forgotten in terms of decor, the fact is that the garage has a lot of possibilities. We saw some ways to have it orderly and organized and what uses could give apart from saving the car. But today let’s focus on something to what is already little … And have you thought about dressing up your garage to make it look very nice this Christmas? We will give some thoughts to it. Surely your visitors are very surprised when they come to your home!

Assembling a Christmas nativity scene step by step

In European countries and even the United States, the nativity scene is a symbol as important as Christmas tree. However, in some homes this tradition is being lost in favor of the tree and other typical elements of these dates: Santa Claus, socks, candy canes, reindeer …

If you are someone who thinks the nativity scene cannot miss in a house during Christmas, you have children at home (the kids love it) or simply this year you want to give your home a touch more Christmas, we recommend do not miss anything we tell you then and today we will explain how to mount it step by step. Would you like to join us?

Ideas for decorating with exposed pipes

In the world of decoration are elements that although it may seem that annoy or spare serve to design very interesting and creative spaces. Can you imagine that pipes gas or water could help you decorate your home? But generally tend to camouflage them, what do you think leave them in sight and use them to give a special touch to a room? If you already have them exposed, use them. If you are going to make a reform and change have to be an alternative to avoid making clearings. There go some thoughts to extract the whole game!

How to make your own breakfast bar

Reviewing the different options that exist to save space at home, I came across this very decorative and easy solution to make with your own hands. I liked it so much I decided to dedicate an entire post to poderte explain well how to make it and so get a table where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner without taking up much room with her and also creating a corner very cool in your home. Let’s work…

Christmas cushions

Right now, we are all running with the pressure Halloween cobwebs hanging, getting costumes or tracing the route for travel for sweets. If not, at least organizing something for the big day it is.

So how do you talk about Christmas cushions? As pass this maelstrom of event, it’s time to start thinking about the next festival, almost the largest of the year: Christmas.

We want not run at the last minute, so I talked over the Christmas cushions so you do not fish just around the corner the rush of 25, exactly two months! Learn more.