Bringing the seaside into your home

If you love the idea of recreating a bright, breezy nautical feel in your home, there are loads of ways introduce this to your décor. The beauty of a nautical theme is that is offers a great relaxed and easy vibe in the home, whether you live by the sea or not. Perhaps you want to recreate the joy of seaside holidays with a simple living atmosphere?


Coastal blues, light grey undertones and stonewashed hues are all popular colours to use with a nautical décor. Any shade of blue can be used and combined with other breezy hues of the same colour. For example, colours ranging from deep navy to lilac and everything in between.

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A simple palette works best for a seaside theme, in other words, colours that look like they’ve been sun-bleached. Soft creams, buttermilks and white give a fresh and crisp atmosphere when paired with blues. Any woodwork will look amazing if painted bright white, creating an airy feel. Team up with colour blocks of blue and white, stripes and some natural materials for texture and contrast, like seagrass, shells and sand.

Country kitchen

A seaside theme works great in a large country-style kitchen with lots of space to display vintage items like crockery and nautical accessories. Blue wood panelling combined with natural materials such as basket and netting will carry on the outdoor, watery theme. For a great range of Oars & Nautical décor items, visit

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The Bedroom

You might not think a bedroom is the right setting for a nautical theme, but a boat-themed wallpaper for example adds real character. Consider hanging small round mirrors around the room. Not only will this reflect the light better, but it also mimics the portholes of a boat. Cotton and chambray fabrics combined with furniture in leather and wood work well too.


Having a nautical theme doesn’t mean it must look dated or vintage. You can create a contemporary maritime décor as well. Fresh modern nautical looks include bold colours instead of pale and sun-bleached. It also incorporates sculpture and art. Why not consider a bold feature wall of rope-patterned wallpaper?

Other nautical ideas

Along with the bedroom, wooden and leather furniture is ideal for the dining room, especially a weathered and aged-look leather. You could also consider installing a wooden bench, hurricane lanterns, wall-hanging oars and sun-bleached, well-worn wooden flooring. Chestnut wood furniture with navy and chrome will create a more sophisticated naval look for your décor. Consider installing steel and candles to illuminate a dark corner of a room for a more industrial nautical appearance. Another great idea is to hang a ship’s wheel above the fireplace. You don’t get much more nautical than that!


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