Tricks to take advantage of a small floor

Is not your house too big? Do not worry, there are solutions for everything. Today I want to show you some tricks so you can take advantage of your small apartment. Sometimes it is not possible to enjoy all the square meters that we would like, but that is not why we have to live uncomfortably. We will see how to achieve pleasant, functional and even visually more spacious spaces.

Ideas to decorate your desk

Do you work from home and like to have a personalized and charming work area? The decoration of your office is important, especially to attract creativity and maintain concentration.

Today we are going to focus on one of the main elements of this space: the desktop. That is where you spend most of your time and, for this reason, we must pay special attention. I tell you some ideas to decorate it in a comfortable, functional and inspiring way.

Ideas to decorate your house with artificial flowers

You may not have time to take care of them. That you have no skill. That your house is not bright enough so that the plants you want to place in it are always well. The solution is simple: you need artificial flowers in your decoration.

Banish from your head that image of artificial plants and flowers without any charm. Now there are very cool options for it, they seem almost natural and the effect they provide is very beautiful. And without the need of any kind of effort! Today I tell you several ideas to introduce them in your decoration and forget to water, fertilize or transplant.

Ideas to decorate your office with industrial style

Working from home has many satisfactions. If you like decoration we add an extra: to be able to enjoy a personalized work environment to the fullest. That has that air that you love, those details that fall in love with you and that turn your office into that special place where you develop all your creativity and where you can be focused and motivated, in which to be more productive.

Central Heating System Maintenance

Some jobs around the home are not very exciting but totally necessary if you want to keep a happy home functioning. Important jobs like making sure your boiler receives an annual service, so you don’t end up without hot water or heating in the bleak mid-winter! Not only does the service ensure everything is safe but will also guarantee that your boiler is running efficiently and cleanly.

You’ll also want to think about bleeding your radiators. Turning on your boiler after the summer, you might notice that after running the heating for a while, not all the radiators warm up as quickly as they should. This is most likely due to air in the radiator. To bleed a radiator, you will need a rag and a radiator key. Lay something down to protect the carpet in case of leakage. Turn the key in the valve about 45 degrees anti-clockwise and catch any escaping water with the rag. You should hear any trapped air escaping with a hissing noise.

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Still having radiator problems?

Then it could be one of these following issues:

Valve painted over – If you or someone else has painted, the valve might have been painted over as well. Applying some elbow grease and a squirt of WD40 should do it but if not, you might need to call in a professional.

Radiator is hot at top but not at the bottom – This is most likely due to sludge collecting in the bottom of your radiator. Your central heating system will need a powerflush and you should call a professional.

No heat from Radiator – Check to see that the valve at the bottom of the radiator is open. It will turn clockwise. If it is open and the radiator is still not heating up, this could mean a problem with the valve. If you need to replace the valve, we would always recommend that you opt for a thermostatic radiator valve as it gives you the ability to adjust the heat setting of the radiator according to your needs.

When the boiler is running, ensure the pressure gauge is operating to the Manufacturer’s recommended pressure levels. If the pressure is too low, then you can top it up, but this needs to be done carefully as a part called the Pressure Release Valve is easy to damage. If in any doubt, call in a professional to carry out a thorough service. For Boiler Installation Gloucester, contact a trusted local company. A Gloucester boiler installation company like HPR Services Ltd can help.

Always check that the flame in your boiler is blue. If it ever appears as orange or yellow, contact a Gas Engineer immediately as this can indicate a fault with your boiler.

Never attempt to carry out repairs to a boiler yourself. Whoever repairs or replaces your boiler must be a Gas Safe Registered engineer. What is important is having the knowledge to spot when there might be an issue and keeping the boiler accessible while taking measures to prevent any unnecessary damage.

How can double glazing save me money?

It is pretty clear how double glazing can make your home look better, feel warmer and more cosy and add value to your property. What isn’t as clear is how can forking out on installation save you money? You might be surprised! Here we look at just how much it can save you and in what ways:

How much?

Figures from the Energy Saving Trust give an approximation that an average semi-detached house could make savings of between £85 to £115 on their energy bills by removing single glazed windows and replacing them with double glazed ones. The double-glazed windows must be of an ‘A’ grade quality for this saving to apply. If you’re not blown away by this figure, remember that high quality double glazing will last you around 20 years before needing replacing. So, times those figures by 20 and the figure seems more impressive.

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How is this possible?

Saving money on your energy bills is possible because of the way double glazing lowers the amount of heat loss from your home. It works like any other form of insulation in that they have a layer of insulation between the panes, reducing the amount of heat that can escape. Single glazed windows often suffer from condensation, where the cold air meets warm air and produces water droplets. This isn’t an effective way of maintaining the heat levels in your home. For Double Glazing Leicester, visit absolute window solutions

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What if you have older double glazing?

Depending on when your double glazing was installed, you might find modern technology has moved on considerably and you might not be saving as much money on heating as you think. Chances are your existing double glazing won’t have the same ratings that are currently used, similar to electrical appliances for energy ratings. ‘A’ rated windows will provide you with the greatest heat retention and money saving on your energy bills. Older double glazing could be failing without you realising and often gets air trapped between the panes, resulting in trapped moisture and fogginess. If there is evidence of this then, you most likely could do with a repair or replacement.

For long-term money saving and a home that feels snug and warm whatever winter throws at you, replacement double glazing makes perfect sense. Aesthetically, your home will also look amazing and it’s an ideal way to increase the value of your property.

An introduction to timber frame construction

Timber dwellings formed some of the earliest man-made housing in the UK. The oldest timber houses built here were constructed in the Bronze Age; a very well-preserved example in Cambridgeshire is circular in shape and has been dated to around 1000 to 800 BC. Timber homes are still well-loved today and have experienced a particular surge in popularity in recent years.

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The process of building or extending a timber frame house is very different from other methods of construction, and this article serves as a brief introduction.

Advantages of timber frame construction

Timber frames offer many advantages over other methods:
– Offsite construction can be used to deliver a finished structure to a site, offering considerable time savings
– Routes are readily available for wiring and plumbing
– The structure of the frame provides preexisting openings, making it very easy to position and fit windows and doors
– There’s a simpler critical path for a project without brickwork
– Building site delays due to bad weather are significantly reduced

Overview of the construction process

A timber frame is built up a storey at a time in accordance with the building plans. Wall panels are then fixed on, and a waterproof layer is affixed to cover external timber. A void is created between the wall panels and frame to accommodate insulation and additional polyethylene water-proofing. Roofing is then attached to the frame before internal works can begin on the house.

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More detailed information on this construction technique can be obtained from a wide variety of architects or timber frame construction company such as timber frame homes from QTFHOMES. There is also a wealth of information available online, such as this interesting guide from the Forestry Comission:$FILE/Timber-frame-buildings-a-guide-to-the-construction-process_D496.pdf.

The cost of building a timber frame house

The cost of building a timber frame house is comparable to a more traditional construction.  However, timber frames are usually quicker to build, which can lead to savings.

Extending your timber frame house

Adding an extension to a timber house can be complex as the structural stability of the timber frame house can be compromised by adding an extra section. This means that additional work may be needed at the design stage, and extra work may be added to the build itself to shore up the new structure.

Ideas for a Christmas decoration with recycled materials

There are many people who have taken advantage of this bridge of the Constitution to place the Christmas decorations at home. If you have not done it, calm, there are still days to get to Christmas and you have time to prepare it. Today I bring you several ideas for you to design a Christmas decoration with recycled materials. It is about that you create some personalized and very special decorations based on elements of our day to day that we are going to give them a renewed use. We get down to work!